RF items can be created in the items.mht in the following manner:

  RF,     68,     keychain_remote,                Security
  RF,     System, security_system,                Security
  RF,     Sensor, security_sensors,               Security
  RF,     81,     door_sensor,                    Security
  RF,     Remote, tv_remote,                      TV

RF Items can be manually created in the following manner:

  $keychain_remote  = new RF_Item('68'    , 'keychain_remote' );
  $security_system  = new RF_Item('system', 'security_system' );
  $security_sensors = new RF_Item('sensor', 'security_sensors');
  $door_sensor      = new RF_Item('81'    , 'door_sensor'     );
  $tv_remote        = new RF_Item('remote', 'tv_remote'       );

The 2nd column the items.mht file (or the 1st parameter when manually creating a new RF_Item) is the 2 digit hexadecimal unit id of the particular transmitter or one of the following classes:

system - Any device that change the state of the security system. States from any transmitters that go into this class are: armawaymin, armawaymax, armhomemin, armhomemax, disarm, panic

sensor - Any device that changes a sensor state. States from any transmitters that go into this class are: normal, normalmax, normalmin, alert, alertmin, alertmax

control - Any device that changes some general feature. States from any transmitter that go into this class are: lightson, lightsoff

remote - Any TV style remote control (UR51A, etc.). States from any transmitter that go into this class are: Power PC Title Display Enter Return Up Down Left Right Menu Exit Rew Play FF Record Stop Pause Recall 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 AB Ch+ Ch- Vol- Vol+ Mute

Some transmitters have a min and max switch that cause the transmitter to send different states depending on that switch. If you don't care about the full detail of the state, you can do a test like:

  if (my $state = state_now $door_sensor =~ /^alert/) { ... }

To determine what the 2 digit hexadecimal unit id for a particular security transmetter is, press the button on the transmitter (or open/close the sensor) and look at the misterhouse log to find the id that the unit transmitted.


An RF_item is created to receive states from X10 security devices and RF TV style remote through a W800RF32 module or an MR26A module (the MR26A only passes TV remote style data through, it does not pass security data).

To configure the W800 or MR26 interfaces, see the comments at the top of mh/lib/X10_MR26.pm and mh/lib/X10_W800.pm.












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