Here is where we brag about how cool we think MisterHouse is. These are randomly selected (i.e. all) snippets fan mail. I dropped author names so I didn't have to bother with permission to post ... also gives us the option of making up stuff :)

11/2006 Fantastic piece of software. Im very new to home automation using a PC, and have just started with some simple timers and motion sensors.Its so simple to get it to do what I want, Im amazed. Also the mailing list is full of very helpful knowledgeable people, all eager to help a newbie like me.

07/2006 That so understates my feelings for Mr. House. You guys have done an amazing job with it. This is more than anything I have ever wanted. I feel like a kid in a Home Depot sized candy store.

02/2006 First off, let me begin by thanking you profusely for creating and maintaining MisterHouse. I've been working with it only a few weeks now and it's depth and flexibility continue to amaze me!

05/2005 I want to say that what you guys are doing is amazing. The code, documentation, and this list have all been incredibly helpful to me in getting this stuff going. So far I've gotten everything I've played with working no problem (with one exception). It's great how ready to run out of the box MisterHouse is. You guys deserve a medal or something :)

12/2004 This is the best x10\home automation software i have found, including ones you need to pay for.

2/2004 I have been playing with Misterhouse for a little over a week now, and I have to say this is probably the most complete package I have seen. I have tried many different home automation programs from Home Director to HAL, and was never able to "put it all together". With Misterhouse, I get new ideas every time I take a look at it! Doors have really been opened!

1/2004 When I first looked at MH i was supprised as to how complex it was. Having played with it for a while now, If i was to say it is amazing, it would be an under statement

11/2003 I have done my own version of home automation through bunches of independent DOS/Win programs and was just wishing I could rewrite them all to talk to each other. My wife had to ask what I was screaming about when I found MH on sourceforge! THANK YOU Bruce & contributors!

08/2003 Please accept my sincere thanks for heading this project! Without you creating this project (and deciding to release it as open source!), I would have nothing to motivate my learning experience in Perl.

07/2003 I don't come anywhere close to using a fraction of it's potential, but I really like it. It really shows what a good piece of software it is when someone says "can MH do..." and the answer is "Yes" - OK the real answer is "Yes. If it doesn't do it by activating some modules, you may need to do a little bit of programming, but there's lots of help from misterhouse-users" :-)

04/2003 Tonight made me realize, yet again what a powerful piece of software Mr. House is. I've yet to see it's match.

03/2003 I'd just like to e-mail you and tell you I think your project is great. I've been working with Misterhouse for a few weeks now and love it. More specifically, I've been reading the Sourceforge mail-list and am very impressed with your dedication. When someone suggests an idea, you jump on it without hesitation. I'm very impressed with your ability to be so open to suggestion about your program and your willingness you help. Great job and thanks a ton.

12/2002 Thanks again for the help and support. It's guys like you who make working with Perl pretty cool !

09/2002 I wanted to say that I am impressed and amazed at what you have accomplished. I am a software consultant and this app rivals some of the apps we have that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.

09/2002 Please add me to the long list of people who are wholly impressed with what you have accomplished.

08/2002 The group that contributes to this list is truly awesome in its collective ability to present challenges, quickly solve them, and then implement the change. Whenever I hear anyone lament that it is impossible to get things done, I always tell them about open source projects, Bruce Winter, this email group and the MisterHouse project. I don't know about the rest of you, but I find this list very inspired and inspiring. Of course, the membership of this list has a high percentage of do-ers, and Do It Yourselfers.

08/2002 Thanks for your quick responses! You many times don't get this type or response time on commercial product support! I love open source! :)

04/2002 I just wanted to personally thank you for the excellent and awesome work in MisterHouse. Well done!! You and all who have contributed have done an excellent job!

04/2002 I've been using MisterHouse for 4 months now and I would like to congratulate you for such a great project. Of course it takes some time to understand all capabilities, but it's very powerfull !!

04/2002 Thanks for the great software - I've now automated everything from the pool solar heater to the outside awnings to the washing machine; not to mention some lights :-)

03/2002 After quite some time using MH I'm must admit I'm still impressed with it.

03/2002 First, I'd like to thank Bruce and all the contributors for a wonderful open source project. Proving once again where real innovation comes from. I have pretty much decided that MH will be the focal point of my HA system.

03/2002 Finding MisterHouse was a godsend, as I was thinking about doing the same sort of thing from scratch, which would have taken forever.

09/2001 You are the best homeautomation developer out of all of the ones that are multiplatform and GPL who have a surname that is also a season. :)

08/2001 Thank you so much, I found your page last night, and lost quite a bit of sleep pouring over the pages, installing, and talking to my computer :) My wife is on vacation, I can't wait to surprise her, I have been talking for months how I can't wait till the day when I can go "computer, living room lights 20%"

06/2001 Don't know if your into fan mail, but this is about the coolest site/system/setup I have ever seen. The GPS intergration is really over the top. I just got into this stuff so maybe I'm easily impressed but your setup is really unbelievable.

05/2001 Well, I guess you already heard that from some other people but here comes again: Misterhouse is a wonderfull software!

05/2001 I have toyed around with all kinds of home automation ideas over the years and I was astonished to find out about MisterHouse. I am just getting started with it, but I can tell you it has been a long time since I've have seen such a complete hacker's toolkit.

05/2001 I have been working with Misterhouse for quite some time the past couple years and I am still amazed at the extent and flexibility of Misterhouse. Thanks Bruce for such great software!

04/2001 Thank you for all the work that you and the other contributors have put into Misterhouse. It is a fantastic system and just keeps getting better.

04/2001 Thanks alot Bruce. That kicks ass!!! I got my new toy (X-10) a couple years ago and it rocked for a while. It had become an old toy till last week when I discovered MH. Bruce, you are on my list of most loved people ever!!! 1. Me 2. Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch 3. Bruce Winter 4. My Girlfriend

03/2001 Your mh is reaaly fantastic and your support too, I hope you could continue this effort! I think that wap devices with mh will be very appreciated here in France and Europe.

02/2001 I wanted to thank Bruce and everyone who has contributed to this really great program!

01/2001 I have been running MisterHouse for about a month now, and really enjoy it! Loads of fun!

01/2001 I love the misterhouse code. I have used it for about a month now and have had a great time playing with lights, motion detectors, etc. Thanks for putting all the work into MisterHouse. It is truly fun to play with and a great way to learn Perl.

12/2000 Misterhouse ROCKS!!! The question of "What do I get me for Christams ?" has been solved. Thanks a ton looks like fun.

12/2000 I recently took a look around at other Home Automation software, and can happily say that MisterHouse is the best of the best, and definitely the cheapest! It's been a great way to learn PERL, too.

11/2000 Thank you for sharing your amazing program, ran it up on my linux box and it smacked me in the face like halibut handled by a jealous fishwife!

11/2000 Thanks again for this awesome program. I havent been able to stop playing with it since I downloaded it. I think my wife is getting jealous of the computer :)

11/2000 KA, Long Island, NY USA. I've been using mh for about a year now and am so glad I found it (which, by the way, happened by accident!). However, I won't address its coolness (that's a given!). I want to commend its author and its user community. If Corporate IT worked as well, you'd see productivity and innovation increase out the WAZOO!

11/2000 I would like to start by first saying "Wow!" Thank you Bruce for opening my eyes to the full potential of HA. I have MH installed on a NT server running perl 5.22. I just got my Home Director Starter Kit today from Smarthome (on sale for $28) with the CM11A. I installed the TTS, and VR modules from the Microsoft SDK. Both TTS and VR are working.

10/2000 I have been playing around with your MisterHouse stuff for a few weeks. This is great stuff! (as you probably already know!)

09/2000 I really thought my setup was almost complete. Running across your site turned my X10 world upside down! I downloaded your software on Friday, 9/22/2000. I followed the instructions and downloaded MisterHouse, Microsoft Voice, PERL and all accompanying software. The PERL scripts intimidated me at first since this was my first foray into this scripting language. However, following your examples, by Sunday night, 9/24/2000, I had transferred all my macros and scenes over to MisterHouse. Using your provided X10 examples, in this short amount of time Iíve scripted over 2,000 voice commands that control every light/lamp/appliance on my X10 network. I now have full voice control (on/off, bright/dim) over every device with around 95% accuracy (with only 1 training session on the voice application).

07/2000 Bruce, I must say I am at once impressed with the volume and usefulness of what you've made available in MH, and also grateful that you've taken the GPL route to publishing your work.

01/2000 About then I ran across Mr. House. Wonderful stuff! Thank You! Each project like this requires an original inspiration; for MH you're it. Thanks for bringing this lovely idea into the world and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

12/1999 First, thanks for sharing your work. You're now officially "famous" in my book! I found HAL a bit restrictive but an open source PERL HA program, now that rocks (being a PERL lover myself).

11/1999 I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that your program is GREAT! I haven't programmed since college, but I picked back up on it very quickly. Great job and thanks for going open source.

10/1999 Thanks for making your software available to the HA community. It looks like you've done a tremendous amount of work. It's great to be able to just dive in and write perl code because you've already taken care of a lot of the dirty work. You also chose a really cool name for it. "Mister House" almost sounds like the title of a song my all time favorite band (They Might Be Giants) would sing.

10/1999 I downloaded your MisterHouse program last night and I must say this is the BEST program I have ever used!! I am a serious gadget geek and this program has all the features I have been looking for in a program! You have done an excellent job with this program!!! I am recomending this program to all my friends, associated and family! I have had a wonderful time configuring it and setting it up to do what I want it to do. This program is a dream come true for me!

09/1999 Just got it running, and I am impressed. Kudos to you, fine sir. Already the kids are amazed, and the wife is amused, and I'm happy.

09/1999 I have been lurking on this list and reading as much as I could find on mh. Let me tell you - I am impressed. It sure seems like a powerful program and you can't beat the price. Thank you Bruce!

05/1999 I just started looking at MisterHouse this weekend - so far I'm very impressed. I've got basic X10 control, voice recognition, and speech working already and quickly implemented a numeric pager module. I'm using the compiled version (ver 1.54) and a CM-11. I don't know perl yet, but it looks like I'll be learning quickly...