Clipsal CBus

SYNOPSIS - support for Clipsal CBus.


This module adds support for Clipsal CBus automation systems, and is a refactor of the original code by Richard Morgan and Andrew McCallum.

******* IMPORTANT ******* *** *** You must change the C-Gate configuration files found under the 'config' directory. *** *** In C-GateConfig.txt: Change global-event-level from 5 to 7, the new line will be: *** "global-event-level=7" *** *** In access.txt: Add a new line with your subnet, *** eg. if your IP address is, then add the following line: *** "interface Program" *** ******* IMPORTANT *******

How CGate integrates with MH

All CBus objects (i.e. the CGate interface, groups and units) are defined in a standard mht file. Misterhouse creates objects from the mht file at $Reload, and subsequently creates corresponding voice command objects on the next $Reload. As the MH obects are created, their details (e.g. address, name) are added to a hash oh hashes (one each for Groups and Units) which is used to map a received CBus message back to an MH object.

On $Relaod, this module checks to see if there is a hash of group objects. If not, presumablt we haven't defined any group objects in mht file, so we walk the tree of objects in CBus, and output to results to a generated mht file. So, all that's needed to get going is to:

1) Create an mht file with just a CGate object defined. There is an example in the code directory. 2) Define the CBus settings in the ini file (see below) 3) Run MH to generate an mht file (typically called cbus.mht.generated) 4) Rename the generated mht file to make it valid (e.g. cbus.mht) 5) Edit the mht file as required, e.g. to add group objects to MH groups 6) reload 7) Enjoy (and report bugs)

The $object_vs are all voice commands, and in this version they are NOT used to control a Cbus device from the web. Each CBus group object has it's own set() method which ensures that any actions are reflected both in MH and on the CBus. Therefore, any changes to CBus are reflected in the web interface in real time.

Each $v_object is tied to its respective $object. In program control (testing the state of an $object, or setting a $object) are all performed against the $object, although you can set the $v_object, its state will not reflect any updates from the actual CBus.

Remember, the CBus is interactive, it can receive as well as issue commands.

So, you should always use the $object in your code, as it has it's own set() method. Notice how the last 'set_by' directive was also passed, this is to ensure that we do not create endless message loops. When the set() sub is called the actual CBus device is set to that state assuming it was not the CBus that actually initiated this set in the first place. For example, in user code, you might use something like this:-

 if (time_now "$Time_Sunset") {
    speak "I just turned the entry light on at $Time_Now";
    $Front_Entrance_Light->set('on','user code');

CGate itself repeats all commands received back to MH via the CBus monitor. Therefore MH listens for these commands and then sets the appropriate $object, but this is ignored if MH was in fact the source of the set.

When MH starts up, the cbus code will automatically attempt to sync MH to the current state of CGate. CGate of course, will reflect the physical state of the CBus network. When the sync is complete, the $CBus_Sync will be set ON.

mh.private.ini Settings =============== Category = CBus cbus_project_name = CARLYLE cgate_mon_address = cgate_talk_address = cbus_dat_file = cbus.xml #deprecated from original code cbus_mht_file = cbus.mht.generated cbus_category_prefix = cbus_ #deprecated from original code cbus_ramp_speed = 0


debug ( $message, $level )

Provides a standard logging function for the CBus packages.

generate_voice_commands ()

Generates voice commands correspnding to the CBus group objects. When a new CGate object is instantiated, it adds a post reload hook into &main to run this function.


Richard Morgan, omegaATbigpondDOTnetDOTau Andrew McCallum, Mandoon Technologies, andyATmandoonDOTcomDOTau Jon Whitear, jonATwhitearDOTorg


03-12-2001 Modified to support c-gate 1.5 23-06-2002 Monitor: Source name now works, and shows 'MH' is source 0 05-07-2002 Modified for cbus_dat.csv input file support Added groups and set_info support 06-07-2002 Minor changes to support new cbus_builder Modified to support global %cbus_data hash removed make_cbus_file(), replaced with 11-07-2002 Added announce flag to cbus_dat.csv, and conditional speak flag $announce 19-09-2002 Fixed bug in cbus_set() that prevented dimming numeric % set values being accepted. Dimming now works. 21-09-2002 Modified cbus_groups and cbus_catagories to read from input file rather than hard coded Put in config item cbus_category_prefix Comments in input file now allowed Fixed some other minor things 22-09-2002 V2.0 Collapsed, and into one new file, Now issued as V2.0.

V2.1 Fixed up some menu uglies. Improved coding in monitor loop Fixed up code labels, docs etc

V2.2 Changed all speak() calls to say 'C-Bus' rather than 'CBus', so the diction is correct

V2.2.1 Fixed minor bug in cbus monitor start voice command

V2.2.2 Implemented; oneshot device type cbus_oneshot_log config param

V2.2.3 Made the dump_cbus_data format pretty HTML tables

V3.0 2008-02-04 Fixed to work with C-Gate Version: v2.6.1 (build 2236) Latest version as of June 2008 Now reports the name of the source unit that modified a group level. Added ability to scan CGate for groups and output to config file. *** Configuration only requires running Builder to scan cgate and *** build XML file, then commanding MH to "reload code". Job Done. *** Customisation if wanted can be done through the config file. Changed config file to XML format. Builder command auto scans CGate if no config file exists. Fixed interpretation of dimming commands. PROD is the default state. In PROD, no option to stop comms. Changed DEV to DEBUG for commonality. Monitor and Talker attempt to always run unless in DEBUG state.

V3.0.1 2013-11-22 Fixed to work with C-Gate Version: v2.9.7 (build 2569), which returns cbus addresses in the form NETWORK/APPLICATION/GROUP rather than //PROJECT/NETWORK/APPLICATION/GROUP. Add logging to aid debugging cbus_builder Contributed by Jon Whitear <jonATwhitearDOTorg>

V3.0.2 2013-11-25 Add support for both formats of return code, i.e. NETWORK/APPLICATION/GROUP and //PROJECT/NETWORK/APPLICATION/GROUP.

V3.0.3 2013-11-28 Test debug flag for logging statements.

V4.0 2016-03-25 Refactor into,,, and, and make CBus support more MisterHouse "native".


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.


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