Example initialization: These are to be placed in a *.mht file in your user code directory.

First, define your actual door object (these are just examples):

  RF,          E1,     rf_front_door
  STARGATEDIN, 7,      sg_patio_door

Then, define the Door_Item and attach the real object:

  # Object 'front_door' attached to existing object 'rf_front_door'
  DOOR, rf_front_door, front_door

Using from your user code:

  # Attaching to a Light_Item (automatically turns light on)

Input states:

  on/open/alert*: door opened
  off/closed/normal*: door closed
  ("*" is a wildcard here; values of "alertmin", "alertmax",
  and "alertbattlowmin" will all indicate "door opened", for example)

Output states:

  open: door opened
  closed: door closed
  check: Inactivity timeout has occurred -- batteries may be dead?

Optional Door-Open Alarm: If you want to be alerted when the door is left open too long, you can set an alarm (time is in seconds; an optional repeat_time can force repeat actions):

  $front_door->set_alarm(300, "speak('front door left open');",120);

Optional Inactivity Alarm:

If you want to be alerted when the door hasn't been opened for a period of time (i.e. the batteries in the transmitter may be dead) then do this (time is in hours):

     48,                                              # hours
     "speak('front door battery may be dead');"       # command


An abstract object that represents a door that you can add to a Light_Item. You typically associate a real door item (i.e. an RF door sensor or a digital input or the like) to this object. It will also indicate the state of the door on the web-based

When attached to a Light_Item, it will cause the light to be turned on whenever the door is opened. Typically you attach several objects to the same Light_Item. See for various ways to control when the light turns on and for how long.





If an alarm is set, the specified action is executed if the door was left open for the specified amount of time


If an inactivity alarm is set, the specified action is executed if no notification of the door being opened has occured for X hours




Jason Sharpee -

Kirk Bauer -

Special Thanks to: Bruce Winter - MH




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