Module to interface with the little froggy named Rita from the company FroggyHome.

This device shaped like a frog, will gather interior temperature, pressure and humidity. The company is based in Europe (France), but do ship in North America, at least they did ship to my little town in Canada

To see more information about it, please visit

I like to thanks support people who were kind to send me the protocol to write the module, especially Philippe Monceyron.

This device use serial port and operates at 300 baud, the module will provide a new measurement every minute. It cannot produce at a faster rate. From their site:

Rita is very nice, but she is very hard working and full of fight, imagine, every 6.5 seconds she measures the absolute pressure, air humidity and air temperature, that 8 times one after the other and finally calculates the average and waits for the request of your PC to transmit the result, after that she restarts for 8 measurements of the 3 data.

It took about 2 minutes after mh is started to get the 1st data. the first minute initialize the devices, and then we need 1 more minute to get the data

It is very easy to use. Just define 2 parameters in mh.ini. See the examples on how to gather data

The device will return 4 values, from a call to GetData:

Temperature, pressure, humidity and time

NOTE: The time value is the time when the data was retrieved from the frog, not the time you ask the data.

To get a good accuracy on pressure, you have to provide an altitude parameter. NOTE: altitude parameter is in meters.






 FroggyRita_serial_port=/dev/ttyM7              # serial port
 FroggyRita_altitude=450                        # altitude in meters (feet*.3048)




See in code/common


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