Read in .menu files with menu_parse (see for examples), then select which menu to use with the first parameter, and the delay you want with the 2nd.

Example initialization:

  use Numbered_Menu;
  $NM = new Numbered_Menu('default', 2);


Constructor Parameters:

  ex. $x = new Numbered_Menu($y,$i);

  $x              - Reference to the class
  $y              - Menu Name
  $i              - Delay between outputing items from the menu.
                    -1 = Do not automatically advance to the next item
                     0 = Output all items without delay
                    >0 = Number of seconds of delay time

Input states:

  "start"     - Starts the menu code and listens to all other input states.
  "1","2",etc - Selects the numbered item
  "exit"      - Go to parent menu
  "repeat"    - Repeats current item
  "stop"      - Stops the menu code and ignores all input states except for start.
  "previous"  - Advances to the prior menu item.
  "next"      - Advances immediately to the next item in the menu.

Output states:

  "MENU:xxxxxx"   - Menu named xxxxx
  "ITEM:x:yyyy"   - Item number x with name yyyyyy (x is '-' at the end of the menu)
  "RESPONSE:xxxx" - Reponse xxxx from selected item if any
  <input states>  - All input states are echoed exactly to the output state as well.

For keyboard example, enable code/common/


Module that navigates a specified menu using numbered selections.








Jason Sharpee

Special Thanks to:

  Bruce Winter - MH
  David Norwood -
  Bill Sobel -




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