If declaring via .mht:

  SDX,  psixc_instance,   sdx_object_name,        psixc_server

Where 'psixc_instance' is the xap instance name, psixc_server is the monitored server, and 'sdx_object_name' is the Misterhouse object

  # declare the psixc "conduit" object
  $server1 = new SysDiag_xAP(instance, servername);

  # create one or more AnalogSensor_Items that will be attached to the SysDiag_xAP
  # See additional comments in AnalogSensor_Items for .mht based declaration

  $server1_eth0 = new AnalogSensor_Item('loadavg1', 'cpu');
  # 'loadavg1' is the attribute name, 'cpu' is the sensor type
  $server1_hda1 = new AnalogSensor_Item('', 'disk');
  # '' is the attribute name, and sub-attribute value, 'disk' is the sensor type

  # Now add these to the SysDiag_xAP object
  $server1->add($server1_eth0, $server1_hda1);

  # Another useful function is get_diag. This returns the xAP value without creating
  # an AnalogSensor_Item object


Information on using AnalogSensor_Items is contained within its corresponding package documentation


This package provides an interface to PhpSysInfo xml source via the xAP ( "connector": psixc

Documentation on installing/configuring psixc is found in the psixc distribution. (Note: psixc currently relies on phpsysinfo (

The xAP message convention assumes that the phpsysinfo xAP connector, psixc, is addressed via the target:

Each "device" is subaddressed using the convention: :<type>.<item> where <type> can be cpu, memory, network, disk and <item> is an attribute within that item type (ie. eth0.rx hda1.used_percent)








Gregg Liming / Howard Plato




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